Concept2: Model D vs E – Comparing The Models

So the question for consideration here – Concept 2 Model D or Model E?

Concept 2 Model D

The Concept 2 Model D is definitely the most widely used ergometer in the indoor row machines – fitness category. For a lot of good reasons, this astute piece of a fitness gear is leading the pack of fitness rowers all around the world. You can be sure to find this very common air resistance row machine at a lot of the gyms, you may have visited already. Aside from the huge praises the brand has received for the rower, the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is certainly one of the very best of the Home Indoor Rower Machines you can buy, for all your money’s worth. It is ergonomics are of the charts and definitely well designed and laid out.

Concept 2 Model E

The Concept 2 Model E Indoor Ergometer is certainly not the smallest, may even be rated as one of the larger ones, of the indoor exercise row machines. In the same vein, is it definitely not the most affordable, but the features it carries makes it worth, all your investment on buying it. The compact steel design gives you a realistically very long lasting product. Its hand grip and its gliding seat are comfortably well padded for extra comfort, and the hinging foot pedal gives your feet a very high degree of stability, ensuring it stays put, while it at the same time works on the muscles of your leg.

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Concept2: Model D vs Model E – What You Need To Know & How To Choose Which To Buy

You have gotten around to make that choice to make a quick dash for a concept 2, interestingly you’ve chosen to get one of the most popular rower out there. But you stuck asking yourself which of the models, should you make that choice to buy the Model D or is it the Model E? However, you find yourself stuck and asking “is the model ‘E’ over $300 more valuable when compared to the model ‘D’ rowing machine? A common trend observed in most emails, received from would be buyers who found it very difficult, to choose between either of them. The question they keep posting was more like “what’s about one model, that makes it more expensive than the other and why does it feel more special?”

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There’s very little to say about the differences that exist between the 2 top sellers, of premium quality ergometers, on the surface. Have a look at the infographic guide below, and also go through and answer the quiz (a really very short one).

Most commercial gyms prefer the much talked about Model E, this has been attributed to the height of the seat, being set higher than the Model D. Also the chains of the ‘E’ does not require as much maintenance as the ‘D’. Most gyms don’t really enjoy, spending so much on the maintenance of their gym equipments. From a business standpoint, inasmuch as they really want to bring these fitness gears closer to everyone, but they are primarily in business to make a profit. So, whatever eats so deep into their profits, then tend to avoid. It should however be stated, that the ‘D’ model does not really cost much to maintain, for a typical home user.

However, most businesses prefer the cheaper cost of maintain several ‘E’, as compared to the several ‘D’ models.

Quick See Through Guide

There we have laid it down, it all boils down to what you really want or need, also a very quick consideration for you to make ‘is if standing up from a very short seater. Eventually – whatever your choice, you should have in mind, that you will have your Concept2 for a very long time. So, it is very important that you ask yourself genuinely, how comfortably will you find it to stand up ten years from now, from a low heighted seat.

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