How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly – For An Effective Fitness Workout Program

Knowing How to Use a Rowing Machine like an expert, is what makes want to go to a gym to train and tone your muscles into a very fit shape, that will be beneficial for you and your health. The rower gives you a low-impact, full body workout. Being a good rower, gets you some shine at the gym, with ladies most of the time.

How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly, in the gym, at home, with the proper arms technique & using the handles and rower monitor, with your concept 2 or any other rower. Either you want to lose weight, to build muscle & for abs.

How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly

The rowing machine appears really intimidating, but once you get a hang of it you will be able to harness the full potentials it has to offer and it no longer appears as the weird equipment in the corner. Proper ergonomics when employing this equipment reduces muscle strain and improves the efficiency of the workout session.

Here is a step-by-step guide, to using the rowing machine effectively and efficiently, whether you’re using the rower in the gym, or at home,  or just for the purpose of losing weight, or to build muscle. Knowing how to smoothly steer with the handles, expertly with your arms and coordinating smartly with your rower monitor, for prompt feedback. This is however regardless of you, using a brand new Concept 2, Kettler, LifeSpan, Stamina, Sunny Health, Velocity, WaterRower, or a fairly used one;

Strap-in your feet and let’s row to fitness.

Step 1

After sitting, ensure your feet are strapped properly into the pads, so they do not slide around during the routine; making it uncomfortable.

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Using the rowing machine is likened to rowing a boat so the initial point of the stroke is called THE CATCH, the moment when the blade enters the water. Bring your knees up and grab the handle but not too tight after achieving a good position in which your spine is in an upright position not slouched. Slightly tilt your torso forward over your legs.


Tip: Do not over scrunch your knee so there would not be much pressure on the joint.

Over scrunching your knee, may put a heavy burden or much pressure on the joint.

Step 2

Stretch out your wrist and flatten your arm, slide back gently until your knees are slightly bent then draw your arms towards you after extension so your arm go from slightly angled back to slightly angled forward. Then slowly push your back upwards from the seat in an upright manner not leaning back too much to avoid strain on your lower back and abdominal muscle.


Tip: Keep your elbows tucked in and bring your arms towards you chest first.

Keep your elbows tucked in and bring your arms towards you chest first.

Step 3

Still holding the bar at chest level, move forward; Begin forward movement only when arms are above knees. It should take twice as long to move forward up the slide when the chain is slack, than the forward movement up the slide.

This is just one stroke on the rowing machine.


Tip: Ensure you do not rush back and forth. Aim for 25 strokes per minute. The rowing machine makes use of power, from the leg movement than arms and shoulders, so concentrate more on the legs.

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25 strokes per minute. The rowing machine uses of power, from the movement of your of your legs, more than your arms and shoulders, so concentrate more on your legs.

Step 4

Make your arms return to finish position last a the upper body angles back. Hold and drag the handle while bending arms so that the handle ends up making contact with the front of your chest. Ensuring you do not grip the handle too tight is also necessary in this step. The bulk of the power should come from your legs as mentioned earlier as applying much force with your hands while pulling the cable can result in blisters as well as back problems.


Tip: Keep practising your strokes slowly and at low resistance until you have mastered the movement.

Practice makes perfect. Take it low and gentle, till you master your rowing movement.

There are various methods of measuring your workout, so make use of the display button on your equipment to track strokes per minute, the amount of calories burned and kilometres exhausted. Once again always begin with low resistance until you get a hang of the steps to maximize its potentials.

Video Guide to Proper Rowing


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